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6 steps to build your own
Internet Explorer Toolbar
toolbar general data
Step 1:
Your project's general data

your logo appear in the toolbar
Step 2:
Enter your company's logo

the toolbar can include a finder
Step 3:
Use your favourite finder

add up to 8 buttons to your toolbar
Step 4:
Define up to 8 option buttons

show your news in your toolbar
Step 5:
Select a dynamic content's source

creates your toolbar installer
Step 6:
Personalize your IEtoolbar's installer

Welcome to IEBMaker

IEBMaker creates Internet Explorer toolbars in an easy way.

IEBMaker lets you customize and build an Internet Explorer toolbar tailored to meet your company's needs. The software generates a small executable file that you can distribute to your customers. With this executable, your customers can install or uninstall your Internet Explorer toolbar onto their systems with ease.


internet explorer toolbar maker IEBMaker 1.22 (1.48 Mb), toolbar maker software


How it helps you
Main features
New in version 1.2
Toolbar example
Who is behind IEBMaker?
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How it helps you

IEBMaker is the perfect advertisement tool for your company. It makes easy for your customers to access your on-line resources with just one click. Your Internet Explorer toolbar will always be visible to your clients whenever they are browsing the web, helping your company maintain a better presence. The Internet Explorer toolbar will have no added advertisements and will be without any kind of spyware. Your Internet Explorer toolbar does only what you want it to do. It can also deliver your company's latest news directly to your customers' browsers, keeping them up to date and interested.

Main Features

Logo button, your company logo will appear as a button that, when clicked, loads a predefined URL. Usually this URL will be your companyís site.

Searcher, if enabled, your customers are able to perform searches within your company's website, or on search engines such as Google or Yahoo!.

Define up to 8 option buttons , by clicking a button, it is possible to open option menus, execute applications installed on your userís system, or open the default e-mail client to make easy for your customers to contact you. A small image can easily be assigned for each button. A tooltip can be defined for all the buttons, which is a floating description that appears when the mouse is hovers over a button.

Browser, adds a browser inside your Internet Explorer toolbar and lets you show news and real time information to your customers. It loads the contents at a predefined URL that you can change at any time.

Configurable installer, lets you configure your Internet Explorer toolbar's installer.

Intuitive graphical interface, helps you do all the above with minimal effort.

Small size, the small size of the Internet Explorer toolbar that IEBMaker generates makes it easy to distribute it from your website, or by e-mail.

New in version 1.2

Version 1.21 adds an update system. Your users will be alerted when a new version of your toolbar is available.
New version 1.22 solves a bug with Windows Internet Explorer 7.

Toolbar example

example of an IEBMaker toolbar

Who is behind IEBMaker?

IEBMaker is a software product copyright Spanto Soft S.L.
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Unregistered IEBMaker is limited to 3 option buttons and don't let you use the embedded browser's feature, some advertisement messages will appear instead of your own contents and every time you run the program a dialog asks you whether register it or not. Registered version won't have these limitations.

You can purchase your copy of IEBMaker for only $39,95.

You can purchase IEBMaker through the service of Plimus.

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We can build your toolbar for you

You want that we build your toolbar?
If you haven't time or you just don't want to build your toolbar, we can do it for you.
Contact us now for a budget adjusted to your needs.


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Registration benefits

Free use of the embedded browser
Define up to 8 option buttons.
No dialog reminds you to register
Technical support via e-mail
Free upgrade to all new versions

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